Detailed quotation of what products Systembolaget is looking for.

Fixed Range Tenders

  • Sent out 4 times a year.
  • Larger volumes.
  • Products supplied in tranches during a 9 month period.
  • Launching in stores: 1 March, 1 June, 1 Sep and 1 Dec.

Temporary Range Tenders

  • Sent out end of each month.
  • Smaller volumes.
  • Whole volume will be ordered at once.
  • Launching in stores throughout the year.

Orders & Payments

  • Orders are prepaid by Ritzy Vin one week before the products leave the cellar.
  • Ritzy Vin does not take commission from producers.
  • Transport is at Ritzy Vin’s expense.


  1. Producer and Ritzy Vin agree on entering a tender together.
  2. Ritzy Vin presents an application form to Systembolaget with details of the product and the producer.
  3. Systembolaget informs if they are interested in testing the product.
  4. If Systembolaget is interested, the producer sends samples to Ritzy Vin.
  5. Ritzy Vin delivers the samples to Systembolaget.
  6. Systembolaget’s Sommeliers tests all beverages blindfolded without knowing the product, who the supplier or producer is. Everyone entering has a chance to win, both new and well established companies.
  7. The testing procedure is very strict and can not be influenced in any way. It’s the product that does the talking.
  8. Systembolaget informs Ritzy Vin if your product has won within a few days.
  9. If you win, you will enter an agreement with Ritzy Vin.