Ritzy Vin takes sustainability and the code of conduct that Amfori BSCI developed very seriously. We expect our partners and producers to work accordingly.

The code of conduct is developed by the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative, amfori BSCI. Amfori BSCI is a global, non-profit organization working for social responsibility within a number of industries, from raw material to finished product. The code of conduct is based on the declaration of human rights made by the UN and other international bodies. All Nordic alcohol monopolies use the same code of conduct. Compliance with the code is followed up by independent on-site audit at producers and farms.

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Amfori BSCI’s code of conduct 11 areas:
– Freedom to form unions and collective bargaining
– No discrimination
– Pay
– Working hours
– Health and safety
– No child-labour
– Protection for young workers
– Employment security
– No forced labour
– Environmental protection
– Business ethics