Welcome to Ritzy Vin!

My name is Fosco Giulianelli and I am the CEO of Ritzy Vin. Ritzy Vin is an authorized supplier of the Swedish state monopoly, Systembolaget.

Ritzy Vin imports alcoholic beverages to the Nordic monopolies, Systembolaget (Sweden), Alko (Finland) & Vinmonopolet (Norway) and Ho.Re.Ca.

My company will always strive to offer you the best ex-cellar price, pay for transport and work hard to help anyone get into the Nordic market. We will be more than happy to work with you.

Impressively, ostentatiously elegant and stylish – this is the definition of Ritzy. I came up with the name combining The Ritz hotel and the cinema Ritzy in London. In fact, Ritzy is a resumé of my professional life, from luxury hotels where I used to work as a Food & Beverage Manager, to the world of cinema, where I worked as an actor, to my beloved world of elegance, that has been my great passion since I was a kid.

My experience as Food & Beverage Manager, actor and fashion influencer gave me the inspiration to create Ritzy Vin a collection of the best beverages from all around the world.

We will be more than happy to work with you. 

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Welcome to my Ritzy world!